Exeter & Torbay Advanced Motorists

This is the website of the Exeter and Torbay Advanced Motorists (ETAM).  We are the friendly, local group representing IAM RoadSmart in and around Exeter, Torbay and the rural areas of East, Mid and South Devon.

If you are unsure whether we are the right group for you, please contact us or look for other local groups on our Help page.

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Informal Driveout & Training Sessions

All drive-outs and training sessions are 

Monthly Update

As our monthly Group Meetings are not taking place, we are issuing a Monthly Update instead.

This is a PDF and can be downloaded here.

And a Quiz

And to keep your mind active during lock-down, we have a Quiz for you: with some General Knowledge and some Highway Code questions.

This PDF can be downloaded here.

And there's our Newsletter

Group Meetings

The ETAM group meet once a month (except January) on the first Wednesday evening. We hold other meetings and drive-outs as well.

Next Monthly Meeting . . .

You will not be surprised to hear that 
all our meetings and drive-outs are

Please see the Contacts page if you need to get in touch with us.

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Our SUMMER Newsletter is out now:

The Flip-Book format will work well on most devices.

However, you can also download a standard PDF here.


This week's tip from IAM RoadSmart:

Tips: On urban streets
Driving and riding in urban areas can present a unique set of challenges. Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding standards, shares some top tips to help you feel more confident and prepared. 
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