Exeter & Torbay Advanced Motorists


Exeter & Torbay Advanced Motorists

This is the website of the Exeter and Torbay Advanced Motorists (ETAM).  We are the friendly, local group representing IAM RoadSmart in and around Exeter, Torbay and the rural areas of East, Mid and South Devon.

If you are unsure whether we are the right group for you, please contact us or look for other local groups on our Help page.

Want some background information about the ETAM Group?

Informal Driveout & Training Sessions

These are arranged from time-to-time at different venues around our group’s area.

Dates and venues will be emailed and also posted here.

Group Meetings

The ETAM group meet once a month (except January) on the first Wednesday evening. We hold other meetings and drive-outs as well.

Next Monthly Meeting . . .

Don’t forget that there is no meeting in January.
We meet again on the 5th February.

We hope that you all have an enjoyable Festive Season.

Drive Safely!

Our WINTER Newsletter is out now:

We were trialling a flip-book format for the online version of the Newsletter.
Unfortunately, there has been a technical issue on certain web browsers. Until this is resolved, the Newsletter will only be available as a standard PDF.

Freda Richardson – together with her Observer – Chris Patten.

Chris is our newest Observer, he took on Freda as an associate whilst a Trainee, and qualified as a Local Observer whilst completing her coaching. Freda was extremely determined to succeed at the test, so we have a combination of our newest observer and our newly qualified oldest member – Freda is proud to say that she is 87 years old!

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